The award-winning and highly accurate workshop solution for the calibration of camera and radar-based Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS)

Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS) such as Autonomous Emergency Braking, radar-guided cruise control and lane departure warning are a common feature of many new vehicle models, and by 2022 up to 11 Advanced Driver Assist Systems will be mandatory on all new cars.

The cameras and radar sensors used by these complex electronic systems require precise and accurate calibration after many common maintenance tasks, including wheel alignment and axle geometry changes, as well as windscreen replacement and accident damage repair.

All Car Tyres professional ADAS calibration workshop service provides camera and radar-based ADAS calibration to the same standards of accuracy as main dealer workshops.

What is ADAS Camera and Radar Calibration?



The safety-critical nature of Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS) means that accuracy is essential when it comes to calibrating the sensitive cameras and radar sensors used by these high tech systems.

The latest generation of our award-winning calibration tool, the CSC-Tool SE, incorporates several new features, including a vertical sliding cross beam, for innite and simple height adjustments, with integrated mirrors for increased accuracy and protection; a plastic measuring rod with park position; larger stand wheels for easier manoeuvrability, and green line lasers on the wheel clamps for even faster setup. The new design ensures maximum accuracy when calibrating ADAS camera and radar systems for results that meet vehicle manufacturer standards.

These market leading levels of accuracy are inherent to the CSC-Tool SE’s reference to the vehicle’s rear axle (which determines the true thrust angle of a vehicle) to ensure absolute alignment of the vehicle’s camera or radar sensor with the calibration panel or radar panel.

Once calibration is complete a report can be generated as a permanent record in accordance with Thatcham Research and the Insurance Industry Requirements (IIR), the calibration results can also be saved in the Car History function of mega macs diagnostic tools for further reference if required.

User-friendly and flexible
The CSC-Tool SE is a flexible, modular system that can be specied to meet a range of workshop requirements and its design enables accurate results to be achieved. New features help to save valuable workshop time by making it even quicker and easier to make the ne adjustments necessary to meet the calibration pre-conditions.

A number of expansion kits extend the CSC-Tool SE’s capability, to cover radar, lidar, rear cameras and 360 degree surround systems, as well as its compatibility with dierent ADAS technologies used by a broad range of vehicle manufacturers.

A compact and transportable version – the CSC-Tool Mobile, is also available for mobile use or workshops with restricted space.

Wheel alignment made easy
With the new Wheel Alignment Kit, the CSC-Tool SE becomes a highly versatile and user-friendly wheel alignment tool for quick and easy measurement and adjustment of individual and combined toe, KPI, camber, caster, steering wheel centre position and thrust angle.

Key features

• A new and improved multi-brand ADAS calibration tool
• Compatible with the systems used by most vehicle makes
• Calibrates ADAS to vehicle manufacturer accuracy
• Side, rear and radar expansion kits available for rear-view camera, 360° camera and rear radar systems
• A calibration report can be generated and saved in accordance with Thatcham Research and Insurance Industry Requirements (IIR)


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